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4 Fascinating Things for Kids to Do in Perth City

Perth City stands as a playground for families, and its beating heart, the Swan River, offers an array of enchanting activities for children. From the leisurely cruises along the river to thrilling adventures on Rottnest Island, Perth is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

1. Swan River Cruise Adventure

Embark on a mesmerising Swan River Cruise that unveils the beauty and charm of Perth City. The journey promises unforgettable views of the city skyline and key landmarks, making it a perfect adventure for children.

Kids can immerse themselves in the beauty of the Swan River, spotting wildlife, enjoying the gentle breeze, and learning about the city’s history—all from the comfort of a boat. The cruise is not just a transportation mode but a captivating experience in itself, leaving many kids jaw-dropping in awe as it slices through the water, getting closer to the marine life along the river.

From spotting playful dolphins to marvelling at the unique architecture along the riverbanks, children are in for a treat. Onboard activities and entertainment ensure that even the youngest passengers have a memorable time.


What are the must-see landmarks along the Swan River for kids?

Along the river, see some of Perth’s dolphins swimming alongside the boats and other wildlife that live along the river. Witness pelicans soar through the sky and seals along the Carnac Islands.

Is the Swan River cruise suitable for children of all ages?

The Wild West Charters caters for a unique experience for passengers of all ages.

2. Rottnest Island Private Cruise Tour

Discovering the Wonders of Rottnest Island on a Private Cruise

Take the adventure a step further with a private cruise to Rottnest Island. This pristine island, known for its adorable quokkas, offers a playground of exploration for kids.

Tailored Activities and Sights for Kids

From snorkelling in crystal-clear waters to cycling around the island, children can indulge in activities designed to spark their curiosity. The private cruise ensures a personalised experience for the whole family.


What unique experiences does Rottnest Island offer for kids?

Discover the wonders of Rottnest Island, meet the adorable quokkas, and engage in activities like snorkelling and cycling.

How long does the private cruise tour typically last, and is it suitable for younger children?

The duration varies, and the private cruise is tailored to accommodate passengers of all ages.

Combination of Activities

Connecting the Dots: Swan River and Rottnest Island Adventures

Combine the Swan River Cruise and Rottnest Island Private Cruise for a seamless exploration of Perth City’s natural beauty. These two adventures complement each other, providing a diverse range of experiences for children and their families.

Safety Measures and Family Tips

Ensuring Safety and Comfort for Kids during Tours

Before embarking on these exciting journeys, it’s essential to prioritise safety and comfort for the little ones. Both tours have specific measures in place to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Tips for Parents to Maximise Enjoyment and Safety

From packing essentials to choosing appropriate activities, parents can follow some handy tips to make the most of these tours while keeping their children’s safety in mind.


Are there safety measures in place for kids on these tours?

Yes, both the Swan River and Rottnest Island tours prioritise the safety of children with specific measures in place.

What essentials should parents bring for their children during the tours?

Parents are advised to bring essentials like sunscreen, hats, and comfortable clothing for their children.

As we wrap up our exploration of Perth City’s family-friendly adventures, it’s worth recapping the enchanting activities offered. The combination of Swan River and Rottnest Island tours promises a unique blend of nature, adventure, and fun for children and adults alike. So, pack your bags, bring your sense of wonder, and embark on a journey that your family will cherish forever.

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