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Swan River Dolphins

Previous Research of the Swan River dolphin community discovered a community “Pod” of approximately 20 to 25 dolphins that use the river almost every day.

This group includes several adult females with dependant calves, one or two “alliances” of tightly bonded adult males, and a large group of sociable youngsters. The research indicates that many, if not all the Swan River Dolphin community are likely to have grown up in the Swan River and have local knowledge that is important to their survival. These dolphins are likely to know where fish are available to eat and return to these locations regularly.

With knowledge of the animals and these locations built up over time and with respect to the animals and the laws for viewing Dolphins in the wild, Wild West Charters can showcase these amazing mammals from the front steps of the Perth’s CBD – Elizabeth Quay. Our vessel that is moored at Berth #1 on the Commercial Jetty is on the water every day and at some stage will see the pod somewhere, with the vessels distinctive shape and noise emitted from the engine the dolphins recognise the hull and will almost always come in to say a quick hello or if in the mood come for a surf right alongside us on our bow wave. Being “jet drive” there is no exposed propeller, and this adds to the safety and confidence of the resident dolphin pod and just about guarantee’s a close encounter when they are about. Passengers on board are informed about the River Guardian and Dolphin Watch programs which are ran by Curtain and Murdoch Universities and “DPAW” the Department of Parks and Wildlife. These entities have compiled information into a “FINBOOK” which is now into its sixth edition which we have onboard.

It is with this book that if the dolphins are located and come close enough that an identifying picture can be taken of an individual’s dorsal fin then later that particular animal can then be identified and its name, age, sex, and other relevant details can be obtained to the delight of those onboard. This information can now be collaborated via the “Dolphin Watch Apt” on the boats smart phone and sent into the database to record their movements and habits. This information can be recorded every tour and it is program that Wild West Charter in proud to be involved in and willing to teach each passenger that comes on board.
Wild West Charters is a proud supporter of the
• River Guardians program
• Dolphin Watch
• Junior Dolphin Watch.
We offer discounts on both our river tours and offer “third” ride for free for returning Dolphin Watch customers.
We also offer a free monthly trip in the river to 12 Junior Dolphin Watches.

To explore the beauty of Swan River Dolphins, Book our 90 minutes Swan River Cruise Tour. These Dolphins can usually be seen where lots of small fish are living. Explore the beauty of Swan River alongside this beautiful creature.


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