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Top 10 Beaches in Perth to Visit This Summer

As the sun begins its radiant display over the pristine beaches in Perth, the call of the shore becomes irresistible. With 197 kilometres of coastline stretching from Lancelin Beach in the north to Preston Beach in the south, Perth is a beach lover’s paradise. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping water sports, a tranquil escape, or family-friendly shores, Perth has it all. Here’s our curated list of the top 10 beaches to visit in Perth this summer, each with its unique charm.

10 Best Beaches in Perth

1. Scarborough Beach:

Just a 20-minute drive from Perth, Scarborough Beach is a cityside haven for swimmers of all levels. Known for its vibrant pedestrian promenades, the beach offers everything from coffee spots to cocktail joints like Pizzaca. Dive into the safe, floaty-proof waters, and be sure to catch the Thursday Sunset Markets or Saturday markets in winter for international fare and beachy vibes.

2. Mettams Pool:

A 25-minute drive from Perth, Mettams Pool is a snorkeler’s paradise with a fascinating history. Cleared by war veteran Frank Mettam in the 1930s, the pool-like conditions boast calm, shallow waters. Explore the vibrant marine life, and afterwards, indulge in sustainable, locally sourced food with fresh coastal touches at Little Bay restaurant.

3. City Beach:

Just 15 minutes from Perth, City Beach is a long stretch of northern Perth beach with ideal conditions for both beginner surfers and kite-surfing enthusiasts. With its mix of entertainment, playgrounds, yoga, and volleyball hangouts, this social strip of beach is perfect for families. Don’t miss the Sea Deck at Odyssea for the best Indian Ocean views.

4. Cottesloe Beach:

Cottesloe, affectionately known as ‘Cott,’ is an iconic beach located 15 minutes from Perth. With impossibly white sand, turquoise waters, and the grand Indiana Tea House, this picturesque spot is a favourite for picnicking, snorkelling, and capturing the glowing sunset. Plan your visit in March for the Sculpture by the Sea exhibit along the kilometre-long shoreline.

5. Trigg Beach:

A 20-minute drive from Perth, Trigg Beach is the mecca of surfing in Perth. Beyond the larger waves, the beach offers grassy, dog-friendly lawns at Clarko Reserve and delightful foodie delights at Island Market and Canteen. Enjoy a quick dip followed by a lie-down, or explore the vibrant Summer x Salt markets every second Saturday from October to March.

6. Rottnest Island:

Escape the mainland and take a 25-minute ferry ride from Fremantle to Rottnest Island. Famous for its smiling quokkas, Rottnest Island offers transparent waters perfect for snorkelling. Visit Parakeet and Salmon Bay to discover stingrays and tropical fish. Admire the sun-kissed sights from Pinky’s Bar & Restaurant’s Sunset Deck with a craft cocktail in hand.

7. Coogee Beach & Omeo Wreck:

A 40-minute drive from Perth, Coogee Beach and its award-winning maritime trail are among Australia’s top 15 beaches. Centred around the Omeo shipwreck, explore 55 underwater structures, including reef pyramids and sculpture art. Delve into the maritime world with a land-based trail featuring restored anchors from the Omeo.

8. Lancelin Beach:

For thrill-seekers and 4WD enthusiasts, Lancelin Beach is a 1-hour and 40-minute drive from Perth. Known for sandboarding, watersports, and off-road adventuring, this beach draws a holidaying community during Christmas and New Year. Experience world-leading sailboarding and enjoy the crayfish hotspot.

9. Yanchep Lagoon:

An hour’s drive from Perth, Yanchep Lagoon offers a serene escape from bustling beaches. Enjoy crowd-free waters, spot marine life, and explore the renowned wildlife at Yanchep National Park. With one of Australia’s largest koala colonies, this spot is an ideal first stop on your way to the Pinnacles of Nambung National Park.

10. Preston Beach:

Preston Beach, 45 minutes south of Mandurah, is a popular holiday spot with accommodation right by the beach. Revel in the uncrowded, sandy shores and enjoy the café overlooking the ocean. Perfect for a relaxed getaway, Preston Beach provides a quieter alternative to the more bustling northern beaches.

11. Swan River and Elizabeth Quay:

While not a traditional beach, the Swan River, especially around the Elizabeth Quay area, offers a unique waterfront experience. Take a break from sandy shores and explore the vibrant atmosphere along the riverbank. Elizabeth Quay boasts a myriad of attractions, including art installations, cafes, restaurants, and recreational activities. Take a leisurely stroll, and enjoy the cultural hub that complements Perth’s beach scene and while you’re at it check out our Berth 1 down at the quay! We’re located right in the heart of the action and always running Swan River Adventures during summer.

Whether you’re a surfer seeking the perfect wave, a family in search of a tranquil picnic spot, or a snorkeler eager to explore marine life, Perth’s beaches have something for everyone. So, pack your sunscreen, grab your beach towel, and immerse yourself in the coastal beauty of Perth this summer.

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