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6 Best Diving Spots in Perth

Perth, our beautiful coastal city, is the gateway to some of Western Australia’s most spectacular diving spots in Perth. Here at Wild West Charters, we pride ourselves on showcasing the incredible marine environments right on our doorstep. From the bustling reefs and pristine islands to the mysterious depths waiting to be explored, the waters off Perth offer a diving experience like no other. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or just starting out, join us as we guide you through the top diving destinations near Perth and beyond. 

Best Diving Spots in Perth

Ammo Jetty Dive Site: 

Nestled south of Port Coogee, Ammo Jetty offers an enriching dive experience. With a maximum depth of 9 meters, it’s an accessible spot for divers of various levels. The area boasts clear waters and diverse marine life, making it a favourite among local enthusiasts. 

Robbs Jetty Dive Site: 

Dating back to 1921, Robb’s Jetty offers a fascinating glimpse into the past. Though the jetty was dismantled in 1994, remnants underwater provide a unique diving environment. With a depth of no more than 8 meters, it’s an ideal site for exploration and underwater photography. 

Kwinana Grain Terminal Dive Site: 

Situated on Kwinana Beach, the Grain Terminal dive site offers an easy and rewarding dive experience. With depths not exceeding 9 meters, it’s suitable for beginners and seasoned divers alike. Explore the underwater landscape and encounter an array of marine creatures in this vibrant diving location. 

Hall Bank: 

Hall Bank stands out for its stunning coral and sponge colonies, making it a must-visit dive site in Perth. With depths reaching 12 meters, it offers ample opportunities for exploration. Marvel at the diverse marine life, including wobbegongs, lionfish, and cuttlefish, as you navigate the beautiful reef formations. 

Rottnest Island: 

Rottnest Island beckons divers with its picturesque coves, limestone caverns, and vibrant reefs. Discover a treasure trove of marine biodiversity, including tropical fish and playful seals. Explore the island’s shipwreck trail, dating back to 1842, for an unforgettable underwater adventure. 

Ningaloo Reef: 

Located a few hours’ drive from Perth, Ningaloo Reef offers a breathtaking dive experience. Home to diverse coral formations and marine life, including whale sharks and manta rays, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site not to be missed. Immerse yourself in the wonders of this natural wonderland. 

Perth Diving Tours with Wild West Charters 

At Wild West Charters, we also offer an unparalleled diving and fishing adventure. Join us on our Perth Fishing Tours for a half-day (3.5 hours) or full-day (7 hours) experience, departing daily. Our tours are designed for a slow-paced ride, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of the surrounding waters. We target some of the most sought-after species in Western Australian waters, including Dhuefish, Pink Snapper, Bald chin Grouper, Break sea Cod, and Sampson Fish.  

Our Perth fishing tours operate within 30 minutes of the Fremantle area, making it easy and convenient to access. For diving enthusiasts, we offer private custom dive tours. While we provide the expertise and the perfect locations, you will need to bring your own diving gear. The same applies to those interested in spearfishing—bring your gear, and we’ll take you to the best spots for an exhilarating underwater hunt. 

Ready to Dive In? 

Western Australia’s underwater wonders are waiting to be explored, and there’s no better way to experience them than with Wild West Charters. Whether you’re diving for leisure or fishing for the catch of the day, our expert team is here to ensure you have the adventure of a lifetime. Book your diving or fishing trip with us today and discover why Perth is a top destination for underwater enthusiasts. Dive into the adventure with Wild West Charters – where the ocean’s wonders are just a breath away. 

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