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Whale Watching in Perth: An Exhilarating Journey Awaits! 

Get ready to set sail on an unforgettable adventure! As temperatures rise and the sun graces the skies, the magnificent blue whale begins its annual migration along Western Australia’s breathtaking coastal corridor.  This is an experience not to be missed, drawing nature enthusiasts and families alike to witness one of the most mesmerising spectacles of the natural world. So let’s dive into what you can expect when witnessing these majestic creatures up close!  


Embarking on an Oceanic Odyssey 

whale watching 

Why Whale Watching in Perth? 

Humpback Whale

Perth’s coastline is a prime location for whale watching due to the annual migration of humpback whales. Whale watching specific to Perth focuses on two primary Whale species with different peak times. From March to May, we will be able to witness the epic Northern humpback whale. These magnificent creatures pass by on their way to warmer waters for their young, leaving the feeding grounds of the Antarctic. It is a unique opportunity to witness their acrobatic displays and tail flukes and possibly even witness adorable calves swimming alongside their mothers.

Blue Whale

During the summer and early Autumn, blue whales gather off the southern Australian coast, eagerly indulging in vast krill swarms. As autumn sets in, they make their way to the nutrient-rich waters of Perth Canyon, where they continue their feeding frenzy for several weeks, fueling up for the arduous journey ahead. From there, they embark on a northward migration into international waters during the winter months, navigating the expansive Banda Sea.

In the warmth of tropical waters, blue whales give birth to their calves and nurture them with tender care. Eventually, they return to the Bonney Upwelling, where the cycle of life begins anew, perpetuating the timeless rhythm of nature’s wonders.

Wild West Charters’ Whale Watching Tours: An Adventure Like No Other 

As avid advocates for recognising Perth’s rugged charms and a deep passion for the ocean life and the marine creatures, Wild West Charters is excited to announce our upcoming Whale Watching Tours. Our vessels are specially equipped for a safe and comfortable journey, ensuring an intimate encounter with these marine giants while prioritising their well-being and natural behaviours. 

What to Expect on our Whale Watching Tours:

  • Expert Guides: Our knowledgeable guides will provide insightful commentary about humpback whales and their behaviours. Learn about their migration patterns, feeding habits, and the significance of the West Australian coastline in their annual journey.
  •  Up-Close Encounters: With our trusty boats designed for optimal viewing, you’ll be treated to breathtaking sights as we carefully approach these gentle giants. Feel the thrill as you witness humpback whales play, creating memories that will last a lifetime.
  •  Family-Friendly Experience: Our tours are crafted for families, ensuring that both young and old can appreciate the beauty of these incredible creatures. Kids will be enchanted by the sight of massive tails slapping the water and the playful antics of whale pods.

A Commitment to Conservation: 

 At Wild West Charters, we believe in fostering a deep connection with nature while ensuring the conservation of our marine environment. Our experienced crew follows strict guidelines to minimise our impact, providing a sustainable and responsible whale-watching experience. 

Booking Your Whale Watching Adventure: 

Want to experience this marvel of nature firsthand?  Book your Whale Watching Tour now and embark on an adventure of a lifetime! Click here –  Wild West Charters – for our tour announcements and get ready to embark on a mesmerising experience that will leave you in awe of the marine wonders that grace Perth’s shores. 

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